Boudoir Photography Brisbane ~ Miss B

This stunning woman left her one year old at home and travelled over 2 hrs for her boudoir photo shoot... yes, she has a one year old!  How incredible does she look! Ladies, be proud of your bodies at every stage of life, and celebrate being a woman! :)


"It was lots and lots of fun! Definitely an experience every woman should have for themselves. Who doesn't want to feel beautiful and the centre of attention for once? It was great to experience something that was all about me, not my one year old, not my husband - just all about me and my beautiful body.

All of your photos are beautiful Steph and don't have that cliche lingerie photo shoot feel. As soon as I met you, I felt like I was completely comfortable in a safe environment, and for some reason instantly trusted in you. All I can say to someone who is considering doing a boudoir shoot? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! But only if it is with Steph!"